Year 3 Blog

Year 3- 22.11.19

This week, the children in Year 3 have had a final push on writing their newspaper articles about Charlotte’s Web. It has been great to see it all come together and for the children to showcase some of their learning from the past few weeks.
Our exciting science, this week provided more opportunities to explore light and how different materials allow different amounts of light through. All of the children are improving groups skills and are showing that they can work together to carry out interesting investigations.
On Thursday we had a super Victorian Visitor and the children got the opportunity to explore aspects of life from that period. They were very interested in the information they were given and embraced the chance to ask lots of questions.
This week, we come to the end of our first block of time with Miss Delafield. She has worked fantastically with all of us and is sad to be moving on. Luckily for us, she will continue to visit us regularly and return for longer in the summer term.
A little note that there is a dip in reading at home for many children. Please keep going with all the fabulous work you have done with your child so far this year. This is really important for the children when they return after Christmas.
Mr Carr