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Year 3 – 23/5/19

This week we have been sitting those standardised tests. No pressure and the children have thrived. Well done. In English we have started looking at being persuasive. I won’t be held responsible for the increase in requests for ice creams and alike, over the holiday. It’s ‘talk for writing’…all good for the English outcomes.

In Science the children have dissected plants and talked about pollination.

In PSHE we have focused on savings, spending and investing.

Mathletics homework is up so please log on and complete the activities. This will help embed what we are learning in class.

In Geography we have studied an overview of British history and how London was shaped and moulded by its various settlers.

In Maths we are finding time very, time-consuming. Please encourage your children to use a clock (digital and none) to tell the time at home.

Have a great half term.

Mrs Powell.

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