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Year 3 – 7/6/19

Warm greetings from Y3.

Time has gone fast, once again. It’s a shame the topic of time hasn’t too! We are nearing the end of crunching analogue and digital conversions. I am all out of steam and the children are too.

In English, the children have been extremely persuasive. I apologise if they wangle more treats out of you, they are very convincing! They are writing letters to Mr Powell to persuade him to go to a holiday destination they recommend. I think I deserve it anyway. If we can be persuaded I am seriously looking into booking a resort so it’s win win in this class, and they are saving me a lot of leg work.

In DT we have designed our lamps. We have talked about material suitability, audience to market to and the children are now collecting their materials. I am encouraging them to scour the house for useful items. It would be great if they could keep them in a bag and bring them in when I ask. This way, things won’t get lost or bashed in class.

In Geography we have explored the desert and rainforest as comparative geographical locations to Belthorn. We are learning trickier concepts to do with the Equator, climate, atmosphere, vegetation and human and physical geography. Next week we are looking a little closer to home.

Have a grand weekend,

Mrs Powell

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