Year 3 Blog

Year 3 Blog – 18.06.21

Another busy week that has flown by in Year 3!

We are coming to the end of our fraction unit and the children have impressed me with their excitement and attitude towards their maths learning.   Well done everyone, it’s wonderful to see and some great progress has been made!

We have started our new English unit which will result in the children writing their own adventure story.  We’ve identified the features that we need to include in our story and have had fun exploring some great setting and character descriptions using powerful adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases.

The history hunting has continued with the construction of ‘bourbonhenge’ and the discovery of bronze which the children really enjoyed!  Please ask them all about it!  We have also begun planning a storyboard for our upcoming film production and practised some formal elements of drawing in Art where we had to recognise basic shapes to help us draw a drinks can.  Some children even went home and carried on drawing!  In DT, both the children and I put our resilience skills to the test as we were learning how to knot thread and sew a basic stitch.  Phew! What a week!

Thank you for your continued amazing effort this week Year 3, keep reading and enjoy your weekend.

Miss Delafield