Year 4 Blog

Year 4- 01/11/19

Welcome to our first week back.
Straight back into our well established routine with a smooth transition after a clearly, well rested half term.
In English we have been exploring how a writer shows characterisation through literacy devices. We have used drama, partner work and mind mapping to help us understand characters and create our own contrasting characters.
In Maths we have been thinking of different strategies to solve questions, be it adding 1 to a number, 10, counting on or using column method.
In History we had an in depth look at Victorian food adverts. We were completely grossed out at the diet and the lack of attention to health in the Victorian period. Did you know, that according to ‘Stout brewery’, beer can cure many illnesses…….
In PE we have started (to my delight) our Yoga unit.
In PSHE we are exploring relationships and feelings starting with what our feelings look like to us and how we need to understand that different people experience the same feelings in different ways.
Have a great weekend. Stay safe if you are seeing fireworks.
Mrs Powell