Year 4 Blog

Year 4- 14.02.20

This week in Y4.
Maths – We have had an exciting time exploring area. Our final project is to plan and make a pyramid after working out the base area and the area of items that are needed for an Egyptian burial. Brilliant links being made between Maths, History and problem solving.
In English we have started our new unit…..Myths! We have read a variety of Myths, analysed features, retold and used talk for writing to embed our learning.
In Science, we have gone mad for changing state. We have conducted various investigations and observed how ice changes state when the temperature is changed.
We had an Egyptologist visit on Wednesday who brought fascinating, genuine artefacts, showed us how the mummification process happened (I had a few children in mind to help with this activity, but he bought a material, life-sized doll instead) and helped us understand the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.
In PE, we have continued to work on our football and fitness skills.
Have a dry and not too windy weekend.
Mrs Powell.