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Year 4 – 23/5/19

Another half term gone and another busy week to finish it off. Year 4 have finished their DT projects on making keepsake boxes, this week. They have really enjoyed the practical side of the task. They have worked on measuring and cutting materials as well as exploring effective joining methods.

To continue our work on our local area, Year 4 have had a trip down to Belthorn Park to try and create their own plan view of the area. They have discussed the human impact of building a park in the village and explored the positives and negatives.

We have also had the chance to explore electrical circuits. The children have been able to connect batteries, wires, bulbs and buzzers, and are ready to start learning how to draw circuits properly using official symbols.

Please check Mathletics for homework. The section on time will be very helpful.

Enjoy the holidays. I hope the weather is nice so we can all get out and about.

Mr Carr

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