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Year 4 – 7/6/19

The first week of the last half term of this year has been as eventful as any other. The children have been collecting data in Maths and using bar charts and simple line graphs to present it. They have also been practicing for the new online multiplication test. They have all done at least one practice test and now have a good idea of how the test works and which tables they need to work on over the next week.

They have been looking at Kennings poems in English and have really enjoyed writing their own Kennings to be used as riddles for each other. The children have revisited their work on using thesauruses to find adventurous synonyms to improve their writing.

We continue to explore the local environment and will start looking at creating our own maps over the next few weeks.

Well done for an excellent start to the end of the year. Keep up the good work.

Mr Carr

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