Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog – 07.05.21

This week seems to have whipped by as quickly as the rest this term. We all love a 4-day working week!

In maths we have started looking at converting and calculating with money. I was not surprised to find that children were really good at this. They could see what amount were more and could describe why they would choose certain coins.

They have completed a lot of mini-writes in English and have considered a number of things like: what they would do if someone offered them immortality, where they feel most at ease, and times where they might put themselves at risk to help someone else.

Wednesday afternoon again, gave us the chance to improve our Keyboard skills with Mrs Ayres from St Wilfred’s. The children have been training their fingers to follow notes and patterns to play more complicated tunes. We finished off the session by learning a couple of short songs.

Miss Pathan continued with another Art session on Thursday. The children have been exploring a number of different techniques and skills. This week they used playdough and other objects to create ink stamps based on Celtic designs.

The children have really shown their cricket skills and are progressing really well.

A quick reminder that children need to have 4 comments from an adult each week. Reading records are checked on Monday mornings. The children have plenty books online to be getting on with.


Mr Carr