Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog – 09.07.21

This week seems to have whizzed by as fast as any other. Last Friday we enjoyed the parent bingo and got lovely weather for it. Thanks to the parents who managed to get in for it. Fingers crossed there will be many more opportunities next year for similar events.

Our Maths this week has focused on filling some of the small gaps with some of the things we have missed this year. Angles, square numbers and some reminders for calculations. We have also managed to get some more art in and children have been using mirrors, chalks and pastels to create self-portraits with some interesting results.

The children also managed to get some sewing done this week. A big shout out to Miss Georgie Brown for her help with cutting, tying, threading, unknotting, threading, measuring, threading….threading and well, more threading. It was great to see some of the children show their skills in this area. There were some surprises too from some members of the class who seem to have found a new career!

As we enter the last weekend of the year, please keep up with your efforts for reading online. We don’t always get to read with every child, every week especially towards the end of term when we pack so much into the day.

Any reading books will need to be returned this week and class books will need to be put back on the shelf.

Enjoy the weekend. Who knows? By Monday we could be European football champions!!!

Mr Carr