Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog – 21.05.21

This week has been assessment week. The children have worked really hard to show off their skills. Inbetween their tests, the children have managed to spend time working on debates. They have explored reasons for their opinions and taken opportunities to debate and vote about a range of topics. It’s been great to see how passionate they get about things as well as being able to put their views across in a sensible and mature way.

For Maths we have returned to the old favourite, time. The children have refreshed reading times on an analogue clock and will be looking at 24hour digital times soon.

On Monday, our electricity science unit looked at different types of switches and the children explored where they might be used. I was impressed to see the children quickly create simple working circuits, which included switches with minimal instructions. Some children were even able to develop their own switches using drawing pins and paperclips.

As the weather turns a bit wintery again, I do feel the need to remind children that they should still have a coat with them every day.

I have more children with reading records in school again, which is great. Please remember that they are checked every Monday and should have 4 separate comments from an adult.

A short week next week, as Friday is INSET. We will all be ready for a well-deserved break.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Carr