Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog – 14.05.21

This week we have had a lot to squeeze in. We have looked at adding and subtracting using money. The children have looked at using number lines to work out their change. This can be a hard skill, especially as we move more and more to contactless payments, but they have coped well.

In science, the children have explored electrical conductors and insulators. They set up a test and tried to complete circuits using pretty much anything they could get their hands on in the classroom. The conclusion was that conductors were normally metal, which led to the next question; are all metals conductors?

We have continued with our work on Percy Jackson and written work being produced is starting to show many of the things we have learnt this year. The children are sharing opinions and reflections and are presenting work well at the same time.

A big moment in PE this week! We have been learning to play cricket and developing all the throwing, catching, and batting skills that go along with it. Thursday saw the class take control of their own games. Batting, fielding and bowling completely independently for the first time. I was super proud. The maturity they are showing is a real strong point for the class, especially as we get ready for our last half-term before they move into Year 5.

A quick reminder that children should be drinking water in the classroom. A lot of children are starting to bring juice in again. This is not our policy. I will provide water for children if their drinks are juice.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Carr