Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog – 25.06.21

A sombre week this week as we say thank you and goodbye to Miss Pathan. She has been with us for the past few months and has had such an impact on us. We wish her well on her next steps in teacher training and hope she will stay in touch.

The children have worked really hard this week to put together their class film on the Battle of Hastings. They have all been involved in preparing and filming stop motion animations with moving characters and soundtracks to match. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished product which will hopefully be out soon.

They have also been having a go at using varying stitches to help them to create a Bayeux Tapestry inspired piece to showcase what Belthorn has to offer.

The children have enjoyed a visit from the local museum this week. A Saxon lady came to explain what life was like back when Britain was divided into 7 kingdoms. She explored the ins and outs of blood feuds and talked about how much different people were worth.

The children have been working on reporting the disappearance of Zeus’ master lightning bolt as they work towards presenting a full newspaper report on the event.

All in all, a very busy week. Only 3 to go till summer. Fingers crossed for a clean (and healthy) run to the end.

Mr Carr