Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog – 30.04.21

This week has seen the children in Year 4 create some fantastic Powerpoint presentations to showcase their knowledge of renewable and non-renewable ways to generate electricity. They have also explored circuits to consider how electricity flows through components.

We have spent a lot of time recapping multiplication and division in Maths. It is vital that the children take time at home to learn times tables. This will make calculations much easier. They have been looking at presenting work using formal methods and they have worked hard on their presentation.

As we progress through our new art unit, the children have worked with charcoal to make different lines and shades. they love exploring different media and their sketchbooks are really taking shape.

We have started our new English unit and are getting stuck into our 6th class novel of the year! The children are responding really well to Percy Jackson and are starting to show their understanding of people who are different to themselves. We looked into the traits of ADHD to try get a better understanding of the difficulties Percy faces as he tries to fit in.

After much pestering, we all finally have a reading record. Please ensure that this is at school every day. I still expect 4 readings a week including; ebooks, children’s magazines, age appropriate bedtime books and any other material that children read. They are checked on Monday.

There are still a number of missing PE kits. This needs to be sorted as soon as possible please.


Mr Carr