Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 06.12.19

Assessment week. The children have absolutely blown my socks off. Their effort and attitude to this has been phenomenal. I have been so impressed with their determination to do well. The children have been happy to get on with them throughout. The tests will help me plan my lessons and check the children’s understanding of what is being taught. I can help any children that may be unsure about a particular topic.
So far, I am very happy with their results and am beginning to draw conclusion on the strengths and weaknesses of the class. A brilliant effort all round.
In science I brought in some soil samples from ‘Mars’. I gave the children some clues about what materials the real sample contained. Then, I provided the children with equipment so they could work scientifically and separate the different participles. The used the clues, equipment and their observations to draw conclusion about which sample was from Mars. I then gave away the secret that the samples weren’t actually from Mars but when human kind does bring back samples from this planet, these skills will be used by scientists to determine what is on Mars. The children loved the lesson and made some brilliant results.
In PE we have started a new topic, components of fitness. Last week, we completed a fitness circuit outside. This week, we talked about what components of fitness are needed for different sports. We then went on to think about how we could test different components of fitness. This week it was core strength. We completed the press up test (adapted) and the plank test. The children really enjoyed the lesson and the competition was high!
It’s been another busy week. 2 weeks until Christmas, thank heavens for Amazon Prime. I completed my Christmas shopping in my slippers in the comfort of my own home. Real do!
Have a brilliant weekend. Thank you to all parents who have completed their ‘matheltics’ homework. I will set some for the Christmas period but again, this is not compulsory.