Year 5 Blog

Year 5 – 07.02.20

Year 5 Blog 7.2.19
Always busy in year 5 and this week was no exception. We’ve had test week but the children seemed to have enjoyed them and done really well as always.
In English we have continued with our class novel ‘Street Child’ and focused our guided reading around this book. I would go as far as to say this is the best book I’ve read to a class. The whole class hang on every single word and sigh when I’ve reached the end of the chapter.

With the writing, we have continued our own story adapted from an old Mongolian Folk Tale – The Swallow and the Wasp.

In Maths, when we have not been completing tests, we have continued with multiplication and division. I have been able to take much more children for some 1:1 time so I feel like lots of children are getting to grips with long multiplication.

On Monday afternoon we had a surprise visit from Mr Lenge. He brought in his Spheroes, which are a small robot type ball. The class used coding skills to make the Robots perform simple tasks. The children’s faces were a picture when a programme had been completed. We appreciate Mr Lenge being in class and it was a lovely session.

In Geography I linked in some learning from our class Novel. Within ‘Street Child’ they discuss Cholera, which caused huge disaster in Soho during the 1850’s. John Snow, who was a doctor, believed the diseases wasn’t airborne and in fact spread through the water pumps. He plotted where the disease had spread on a Themantic map and came to a conclusion that the bacteria was in fact in the water. In year 5 we looked at Snow’s map made inferences and plotted the break out on a new map. We then used Google Earth to look at what the streets looked like now.

Thank you to all for reading with your children at home also. It seems lots more children are reading a lot more frequently.