Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 08.11.19

Thank you to all parents who attended the Harvest assembly on Wednesday. The children did us all proud as I expected they would. Their singing, speaking and drama performances were brilliant and it made the whole thing very enjoyable for me. I thought I’d challenge myself and play piano instead of guitar which made an interesting change. Thank you for all those who donated food items; we are going to leave the collection open until next week so it’s still not too late to donate. The food will go to elderly residents in the village and the Maundy Relief charity in Accrington.
In Maths we have continued with statistics. Today, we collected our own results using fitbits. We exercised for 8 minutes and rested for 2, taking heart measurements every minute. The children put the results into a line graph and tomorrow we will analyse the results. A lesson using parts of STEM which is hopefully something that is going to be a regular occurrence around the school.
In English we are doing some descriptive writing. We are learning ways to describe the mythical creature Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The children are fascinated by this strange character so we should produce some amazing writing.
In science we have leant about the planets of our solar system through a rap. This was successful last year so I thought I would teach the children about the planets through the art of rap.
Another busy and successful week.
Have a nice weekend.
Mr G