Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 10.01.20

Happy new year to all and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. The children
seemed to have all had a wonderful time but were ready and rocking to get
back into the spirit of the spring term. We have tried to shift the cobwebs by
doing the morning run every day this week.
Over the holidays I was lucky enough to spend time in the USA, in particular
Florida. We spent two days in Disney which was magical. However, the one
ride I was looking forward to going on was the Avatar simulator. Unfortunately,
I would have to wait 5 hours in line before riding. Needless to say, I thought
better of the idea. So, I had the idea that the children could help me imagine
what the World of Pandora would have been like. I showed the children a clip
of the dream like world and we talked about ways in which we can describe
Pandora. There were some amazing pieces of work produced and some will be
read out in the assembly tomorrow.
In Maths we have had a re-cap week. We have gone back to place value,
addition and subtraction to try and embed what we learnt in the autumn term.
We did some ordering and working out change which they children loved.
In science we started with an experiment. The main focus of the investigation
was to measure accurately using the spring balances. Our aim was to find out
which surface created the most friction as we are looking at forces in action.
Some brilliant work and lots of STEM throughout the lesson.
In PE we are looking at components of fitness. I showed the children the bleep
test. The same reaction could be seen in the faces of each teacher who walked
through the hall. ‘Oh the memories!’ was the most common reaction. The
children loved it and showed amazing determination and resilience not to give
It has been a great first week back and we are definitely in the swing of the
new term.
Have a lovely weekend
Mr G