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Year 5 – 10/5/19

I hope everyone has had a good week. Busy as ever in year 5. We have been delving into our Anglo-Saxon topic. Interestingly, just today the news reported one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon findings in Britain. The remains of a jewelled lyre, a water pitcher from Syria and the only surviving example of early Anglo-Saxon painted woodwork were found by archaeologists beneath an unprepossessing site frequented by dog walkers in Prittlewell, Southend. The children were enthralled as we watched the news together. Letters will be sent out tomorrow regarding the trip which will be to The Maritime Museum, Lancaster. The museum is holding a ‘dark ages’ exhibition which will fit perfectly into our topic work.

Thank you to all those who have completed Mathletics work on decimals. As we continue through this topic it has really raised the standard of work and progression in the class.

In English we have done lots of reading and analysing of the well know poem The Highwayman. The children wrote amazing diary entries in role as different characters from the story. The poem has really raised vocabulary and challenged all pupils.

In Science we are still looking at changes in materials. This week we looked at evaporation and reversible changes. We have some fantastic scientists in our class who made some detailed observations throughout the day with the test we set up.

I hope you have had a brilliant week.

Mr G

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