Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 14.02.20

Another half term done and we are more than half way through this academic year. The children completed some assessment last week; and they have done brilliantly. The effort and determination showed throughout and that’s all I can ask for.

We have finished our writing topic based on a traditional folk tale from Mongolia. We used talk for writing and also acted out some of the grammar techniques to help children include them in their work. It was amazing to see some children whispering the actions under the breath and using their hands to act out the commas. I cannot wait to read them all.

In Maths we have begun fractions. This is a big section of the year 5 curriculum so I will be sending home Mathletics homework to help with the children’s understanding.

In science we made lever catapults and fired marshmallows. The first task was to successfully engineer their device as I didn’t show them how to make them. They had elastic bands, lollypop sticks, plastic spoons and a visual of the model they had to make. All children persevered and made their own catapult. Then I challenged the children to make their own science investigation and explain their findings. They changed one variable and came up with some interesting results. Some changed where they placed the marshmallow and measured the distance. Some children stuck more marshmallows together and looked at the effect. Really creative ideas, the children are getting very good with their science investigations.

We have continued with our local history topic. This week we have looked briefly at The Accrington Pals. We will learn much more about this tragedy and really try gain a deeper perspective of these men who lost their lives. In Geography the children plotted a bird’s eye view of the classroom, detailing accurately where the tables desks, doors and other items are placed. They worked very hard and again, had to really persevere to get the drawing to replicate a map of the classroom.


Enjoy the break and I will see you all in a week! Mr G