Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 17/01/20

Luckily, the only injury during the trip was to Mr Furness, when a long branch, which was being held by a child, sprung back and cut his head. Unlucky for Mr Furness but at least no children were harmed. The children absolutely loved the Heritage walk and learnt so much about Belthorn. Growing up in Belthorn, even I found out some fascinating facts about its history. The weather also helped too as the sun shone down across the East Lancashire moors. We did get slightly muddy though, but it was all part of the fun.


Our new topic – What’s on our doorstep? – is now in full swing. In Geography we are building up to learning about the industrial revolution and Britain’s importance throughout the World during this time. We looked at the current top exports of each countries and discussed any patterns we found using atlases special maps.


In History we are going to focus on the industrial revolution and all thing ‘Great’ about Britain. We have a huge history and there will be lots to learn about.


In Maths we have continued with area and perimeter. Again, our school target is time. I have taught time in small pockets throughout this academic year but would really appreciate any extra work on all aspects of time with your child. New Mathletics homework has also been set.


In English our class novel is street child- a Victorian Workhouse tale. Our guided read work has linked in with each chapter of the book so the children will gain an in-depth understanding of the book. Our writing topic is an old Mongolian folk tale – The Swallow and the Wasp. We are working hard on re-telling this story using drama. We will then innovate the story and create our own versions.


A truly splendid week. Have a lovely weekend


Mr G