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Year 5 – 17/5/19

A sunny week in Belthorn! The children have had to be really quiet in class this week with year 6 having their SATs. We have gone outside a few times during the week to do our work. Obviously, the children were excited to be working outside but I asked them to make sure they are completing the work to the best of their capabilities. What a fantastic class. They have been very mature and have done exactly what I have asked and completed their work to the best standard.

We have finished our decimals topic and will be moving on to properties of shape. This includes measuring angles and solving problems around shape. I have set new mathletics homework to correlate with the work they are doing in class. It really does make a huge difference and I can tell which children are benefiting from the extra work.

We are well into our Highwayman topic. The children have started to re-tell the poem through talk for writing. We aim to innovate this narrative poem next week and re-tell our own versions of The Highwayman.

In science we focused on taking results. We set up a fair test to see which substances dissolve the quickest in water. We talked about how we must make it a ‘fair test’ and also what variables we could change. We carried out the test and found that salt dissolved the quickest and gravy took the longest. Then the children carefully took their results and made a line graph to show how fast different substances dissolved. The children are rapidly becoming knowledgeable scientist!

Miss Lamb has been teaching in class this week and the children have really enjoyed her lessons.

Thank you to all parents who have signed the consent form online for our outing after half term. It should be a brilliant trip and I hope the weather is like it has been this week.

Thank you very much

Mr G

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