Year 5 Blog

Year 5 – 19/9/19

Thank you to everyone that has had a go with their Mathletics homework. The children will receive a raffle ticket for our Friday draw. Also, children should receive a ticket for reading at home.

In Maths we have tried a new concept of learning with the tablets. I was slightly scared of using the ipads for maths but I am fully converted and think it’s a sensational idea. I am well on board with this modern way of teaching and it has been amazing for the lessons this week. Children are able to get instant feedback to support their learning and I am able to adapt my lessons according to which questions the children are struggling with. All the children agreed and ended up completing more questions than usual. This doesn’t mean to say all lessons will be on the ipads. Children will still be working in their books before solving some problem solving questions on the ipads.

In English we have continued with the Rose Blanche story. The children are beginning to innovate the original story with their own ideas. We have had some very creative adaptations. We should finish this topic towards the end of next week.

In Science, the children have continued with their life cycle and reproduction topic. I have been teaching the inquiry lessons which I especially enjoyed this week. I taught the children about tree rings and how they are created. I then explained to the children how you can work out the age of the tree. The children then went to the front of the school to try and work out how old the tree that had been cut down 3 years ago was. We worked out that the tree was planted in roughly 1951. It was amazing to see the children’s faces when they had successfully worked out the age of this tree. We could also work out which year received lots of sun and rain as the ring was wider. Interesting eh? We will continue with our tree rings next week.

Thanks for your support this week.

Have a lovely weekend. Mr G