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Year 5 – 21/6/19

There was a break in this week at Belthorn. Not the usual kind, the kind where a dragon egg and multi-coloured feathers were left. The children inspected the incident, made notes, interviewed witnesses and then wrote a newspaper report on the event. There were some amazing reports being written and Miss Lamb, who led the lesson, was so happy with the results. It will be Miss Lamb’s last day tomorrow and I know the children will miss not having her around.

In Maths we have continued with position and direction. Along the corridor and up the stairs. I had this ringing in my ears from when I learnt co-ordinates at school. The children learn how to plot and read co-ordinates before solving a pirate treasure hunt, writing down the co-ordinates of the journey throughout.

In topic the children continued learning about the dangers of plastic pollution. We then put our learning to the test as I set the challenge of children making awareness videos to bring this problem to the attention of others in school. We used the green screens to film and are undergoing some editing to bring them to life.

We are heading to Darwen Vale next week for their annual science day. Lunches will be provided for the children with vegetarian options available. Children are asked to bring drinks.

New Mathletics has been set so thank you to pupils who completed the properties of shape homework.

Have a brilliant weekend
Mr G

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