Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 22.11.19

I have just finished marking our big write from earlier this week. Wow. The children have produced some absolutely terrific descriptions on Gollum; it was a joy to mark. Lots of the children using rich vocabulary and fantastic grammar. I am more than happy with all their effort and hard work. Today, we did some more writing but coinciding with out Viking topic. The children wrote diary entries about a Viking raid that happened in 739AD.
In Maths we have delved deeper into our multiplication topic. The children have looked at prime and square numbers as well has doing some problem solving and reasoning. Lots of children are able to recall the square numbers to 12 within a second. Very impressive.
In DT the children have researched ideas for making their own cold drink. The children made a questionnaire for the Year 6 children to answer to help make their research more accurate and appropriate. Next week the children will taste some different ingredients to help them in their designs.
We had another STEM visitor, Matt, in on Tuesday. He is an IT architect who spoke of the importance of listening and applying the skills we learn in school into real life situations. Matt was very engaging, inspiring and funny. The free pens also went down a treat.
In geography the children have been learning about route 66. The reason for this is because our class novel, There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’ is set in America. We looked at why certain parts of this route are now derelict and there are various ghost towns along the way. This was due to the new interstate (motorway) being built leaving no use for parts of this famous route.
Thanks for your support. Have a lovely weekend
Mr G