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Year 5 – 23/5/19

Well.. That went very quick! I am in a wonderful mood (not just because it’s half term). I’ve just been marking our final ‘hot writes’ from The Highwayman. By far the best pieces of writing I have ever had from any class. Outstanding. We innovated the story of the Highway man, putting our own mark on the classic narrative. The grammar, punctuation, creativeness and vocabulary has literally blown me away. A massive well done to the class.

This week we have also finished our decimals topic and we are onto to ‘properties of shape’. We have completed some outside learning and lots of problem solving. We have also done some tests. The children performed well and I am happy with the results. Again, the mathletics homework does help and I have set some for this half term.

We had a science afternoon with Miss Lamb, who organised a carousel of activities revising over the topics we have already covered this year.

We also had an afternoon with Accrington Stanley who led a resilience session with the children. It was hugely enjoyed by all and reminded the children how resilience can positively effect our everyday lives.

It has been a quick but hugely enjoyable term. The class are really raising their standards in all school work. I am very proud of every single child in year 5. Well done.

Have a brilliant half term

Mr G

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