Year 5 Blog

Year 5- 28.03.20

Monday we were back in action in year 5. We have started our newspaper article topic in English so we have been reading lots of articles and analysing what makes a good one. We read online articles about the Corona-Virus, we read an article regarding myself when I made the headlines in 2009 (only the Accrington Observer) and lots more. Miss Jackson, who is our student teacher, made some fascinating eggs from outer space. The children used what they had learnt to produce their own mini article about where they thought the eggs had come from.

In Maths we have continued with fractions. I will update the ‘Mathletics’ homework on Friday to help children with this topic. I have been able to offer all the children lots of support with the extra help from Miss Jackson and it seems to have really helped all children understand this topic.

Accrington Stanley started their move and learn programme on Monday and will be running it for the next 5 weeks. It consists of a theory session and then a practical. The children learn about the body, how to keep fit and the importance of exercise. It has always been a popular course and the children absolutely love these sessions.

In Science we will move on to changes in materials. We will set up an investigation tomorrow to find out if gummy bears can dissolve in water. The children will have to use their own science investigation skills to carry out this experiment.

In topic we will look at some secondary sources. I have a great book entitled Gobbiner’s tales. It consists of interviews from about 30 years ago with some elderly residents of Accrington and Oswaldtwistle. The interviews are really funny and heart felt. They are also written in the local dialect so the children will have to use their inference skills to work out what these people are saying.

Parents evening next Thursday, slips will go out today. I look forward to seeing you all.


Have a nice weekend.


Mr G