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Year 5 – 5/7/19

I cannot believe that we are so close to finishing, it has gone so fast. However, time flies when you’re a hard working year 5 class in Belthorn.

Started the week off finishing our DT project, making photo frames. I hope you all like them – the children worked really hard. It was interesting to see the children that struggled at first with measuring and cutting the wood accurately. Some children took to it like a duck to water and others had to use an extreme growth mind-set. We innovated them and painted them in our favourite colours and glued gems and sequins on.

We have gone into the depth of the Titanic and really analysed this disaster. We discussed class and talked about whether the people working on the Titanic, who had visions of grandeur to suit the real upper classes, made mistakes that costs the lives of over 1500 people. We wrote some poetry that will be read in assembly and also started making leaflets advertising the Titanic from the perspective of White Star line, 1912. I am very enthusiastic with this topic and it has been so good to see the children immersing themselves in it also.

In Maths we have looked at converting measures. We have converted kg into grams and km into meters. We have also completed our final maths tests. I am sure the children will let you know how well they have done. I am more than happy with the results which shows how hard these children have worked this year. A huge well done!

It’s been a busy week with some spots of beautiful weather!

Enjoy the weekend.

Mr G

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