Year 5 Blog

Year 5 Blog -02.07.21

Our first full week back after our bubble burst. It has been so good to get them all back- I missed teaching in person. It’s been a very exciting week and there has been a real buzz about the class. With Sports day on Tuesday and the England game afterwards the mood has been very high in class.

On Monday we had a visit from a local historian (Professor Tuesday). She told stories, did some role play and showed the children some Greek artefacts. I always feel worried that when a visitor talks to the children about a topic they have been covering they will go all shy or not demonstrate what they have learnt. Year 5 were brilliant. I was so relieved and happy with how much information they had retained. Professor Tuesday was very impressed.

Our sports day was a great success and it was such a shame that parents were not there to see the children’s faces. All I asked from my children is that they tried their best. I was not let down. I saw brilliant character, determination, great sportsmanship and courage from lots of children. There was a fantastic team spirit which was amazing to see.

In English we are focusing on Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. The children have been gripped. You could hear a pin drop this morning as we were introduced to the character of Kensuke. As the book is very interesting they are showing a very deep understanding of the content and plot of the story. They are dying to find out what happens to the main character (Michael).


In Maths we have been doing some revision sessions. I have had some intervention groups in the mornings going through what we have learnt this year. I felt like these catch up session will really help with the children’s tests next week. I have written a short revision question sheet which will be sent home at the weekend. I am encouraging children to have a go with the questions and if they are not sure I will help them the next day.

We are starting to plan our little parent active health afternoon. We are going to be providing our ready-made smoothies and designing a fun, active circuit.

A historical week. It’s definitely coming home.

Have a great weekend.

Mr G