Year 6 Blog

Year 6- 06.03.20

Great week. Great assembly. Great costume. Great embarrassment.
Welcome to the blog and the excitement that is Year 6 pre SATs time. This week we have written our cold write and the children have had a go at describing characters using ‘show don’t tell’. It is a tricky skill to learn but one that should improve their writing massively.
In math, we have been looking at the area of triangles and started to look at how they can figure out the internal angles of any shape. We then moved onto looking at angles and this work should continue in to the next week.
In history, the children have researched specific areas to aid their historical fiction narrative so that I can learn as well as mark when they finish it.
It was lovely to see those parents’ unaffected by the traffic issues last night. If anyone wants to rearrange and come and see me next week straight after school then feel free to pop in and arrange a time or call and speak to me directly.
Mr Furness