Year 6 Blog

Year 6 – 07.02.20

Welcome to the blog and welcome to another glorious Thursday in sunny Belthorn.
In math, we have finished our algebra unit and move onto units of measurement next week and I am absolutely thrilled about it as a lot of the practice SATs questions we do contain these so it will be nice to recap them. It might give us a chance to be more practical and make a mess of the classroom…again.
In literacy with Mr temple, the children have looked at switching formality within a text in preparation for their newspaper article hot write. They practised interviewing and answering questions in their very common accents to see how a reporters formal questioning might vary to our quite unique way of speaking and how it might transcribe in an article.
In history, we have continued looking at primary sources and explored articles from 1890’s newspapers which included deaths and arrests…some folk never change!
Some of our students participated in a debate at DACA on Wednesday evening. They represented the school fantastically well and came runners up (out of four admittedly but still) and I am very proud of them.
Any road, you have a lovely day and look after yourself.
Mr Furness