Year 6 Blog

Year 6- 08.11.19

Good afternoon, good morning or good night -whatever time of day you find yourself reading this blog then know at least one thing: the next two minutes of your life will be a little bit brighter.
In literacy this week we have explored the features of a biography and created a rough draft for us to now edit and improve. Hopefully, the children will now have some tools to make their work even better and it is another opportunity to apply our year 6 punctuation to our work.
In maths we have continued with fractions and looked at fractions of a number and moved onto percentages of an amount by the end of the week. We continue to use LBQ on the I-pads and the children gave out a collective ‘Yes’ when I said we were using it. Charming.
In History, the children have learnt vast amounts with Miss Middleton – knowledge I do not possess myself and I have been really impressed with them. We have begun to look at where else the Vikings settled.
The CFHL consists of one person this week (unless comments are not coming through again) –
 Kathryn (Jekyll and Hyde…good book too)
Have a great weekend,
Mr Furness