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Year 6 – 10/5/19

Another day, another test and another blog that will be full of SATs related material and probably not enough jokes. I can only try and balance it out the best I can. Soon enough my blog will be full of other subjects like science and maybe even a little art (might be time to dust off the paintbrushes and the old Monet book).

The children have mainly looked at spelling and grammar and reasoning this week. We have pretty much exhausted every material in regards to reading so with that in mind, the cards will fall as they may for that test now…the work is done as far as I am concerned for reading.

I am hoping to see an improvement in spelling from the children as the 2017 spelling test we did not too long ago was…well…worrying. Some of the spelling rules from previous years have been revisited as the children are tested on their knowledge of KS2 as a whole and not just year 6.

I am pretty excited for SATs…they are a little bit like a cup final every year and the pressure is something to use as fuel…for both me and the children. I have promised the children that if we get amazing results that I may get a Fortnite tattoo or make a permanent display of the class and their sheer brilliance as a reminder for future classes…I suppose the opposite could work as well; if the results are not good enough we could walk the class through the village and shout ‘shame’ at them as they go. I will run these ideas by Mrs Rowan first.

There was no homework last weekend and there will not be any this weekend either. I would encourage the children to relax and have fun…the hard work is done now and they are very much ready. On a serious note, I am incredibly proud of the children and their attitude these past few weeks and months and hope they do themselves justice.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Furness

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