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Year 6- 11/10/19

The blog. The 8 minutes of my week where I furiously type and hope to accomplish two things: to be really funny, informative and to be done before too much of my dinner time has gone. I know that is three things before you lot start. It was a test…
So, in literacy we have carried on writing poetry, it has been a delight, the children have continued to shine so bright. No, seriously it has been a joy – everyone has completed work. Everyone, each girl and boy. Hopefully, participation in this unit has eradicated fears and if nothing at all it has at least brought lots of tears. I will stop the rhyme’s now, I am not here for a laugh – we will move on and see what we have done in math.
In maths this week, we have recapped our previous units. We have looked at: place value, rounding and completed a reasoning paper test. We have managed to use LBQ this week and mine, and the children’s’ confidence, continues to grow with this software.
In History, the children looked at the end of the Viking Era and will move onto the legacy that is left by them. Geography and science we missed due to our whole school Islam day. The whole school Islam day was extremely informative. I am very blessed to have such magnificent pupils who are willing to share their faith and the practices of it with the children. We had a virtual Hajj pilgrimage around the school (one pupil got to cut some of my hair off) and we looked at the five pillars of Islam as well as observing the call to prayer five times during the school day.
So the CFHL, this week we have:
 Sarah Egan (ever so loyal and rightfully earned a free cup of tea last week as well as the tag of being my new best friend)
 Joanne Griffiths (the one Griffiths I do not know too well – that will soon change though – thanks for reading Jo)
This week’s question – any books you have read that were tuned into a rather disappointing film. I’ll start – Northern Lights (The Golden Compass) and Mortal Engines. Both amazing books but absolute bobbins of a film.
Have a good weekend,
Mr Furness

2 thoughts on “Year 6- 11/10/19

  1. Sarah says:

    The cup of tea was a most appreciated gesture, my new best friend,
    I will be a dedicated blog reader until the very end,
    Now as for a film more rubbish than the book,
    I had to think before an idea took,
    I do love a good film although books are always better,
    The detail and inference are within every letter,
    But one film with which I had to disagree,
    Was the newer version of Charlie and the Chocolates Factory!

  2. Kathryn says:

    The Fault in our Stars the film was ok but the book had me in floods of tears.

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