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Year 6 – 12/7/19

What a week! What. A. Week. So much to discuss, so much to celebrate, so much to talk about. Let us start with what must be the biggest news of the week and the news that has me, Mrs Rowan, the governors and parents absolutely thrilled…my birthday. My 35th birthday. I know what you are all thinking…35…what moisturiser is he using? Well, it is a tinted Dove moisturiser if you really care. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts it is a lovely gesture and my present table was amply full.

In more serious matters though we must talk about the SATs. I have never been so proud. For the second year in a row we are well above national average in all subjects. The children have done superbly and even those who may have fallen short in a subject or two should be incredibly proud. They all made fantastic progress and I must say it is a whole school effort.

Special thanks to Miss Egan who comes into class to help with last minute preparation and I believe it is her input that pushes us that extra 15-20% in the results table. Also, Mr Griffiths did a fantastic job with this class last year and he should be recognised for what was a fantastic first year. Mrs Rowan also took a group of readers for intervention in the build up to SATs so a massive thank you to her also and all the teachers that had an input to what I must admit is a wonderful (but noisy) class.

This week we have performed ‘Ye-Ha’ – our school production – 3 times and it has been a phenomenal success. I say success but the first time in front of the school was, in a word…horrific. We learnt from it though and the last two nights have been amazing and the class were sensational. Confident, funny and entertaining. I am so proud of them.

So the CFHL, this week we have:

Kathryn – (Who would go back 2005 to her daughter born again and to see her children grow one more time as well as spend some time with her father…lovely)

Mrs Rowan – (I cannot remember her answer, it was a very educated answer though…hence why I might not remember it!)

There may have been more but the comments have not been approved. A momentous week it has been. Have a fantastic weekend everybody.

Mr Furness

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