Year 6 Blog

Year 6 – 13.03.20

Good day to you all and welcome to the blog. It has been riveting this week – like an old school dock in Sunderland (I don’t know how accurate an analogy this is but I am sticking with it) and I must say that revising is super fun.

In literacy, we have done some writing, we have also revised lots of areas we have not looked at in a while and recapped previous years learning as the SATs test all of their KS2 knowledge. We will probably review some spelling patterns and think of creative ways of revising until the end of the week as the children prepare for their mock tests next week.

In math, we have looked at angles and missing angle problems while solving missing angle problems while also working on reasoning problems. The joys of year 6, I tell ya!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Furness