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Year 6 13.12.19

Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to the blog, I recommend a nice hot chocolate and a Christmas movie in the background as you delve into another week in year 6.
So, in literacy we have tried to continue with our mystery narrative and are at the planning stage still as lessons have been interrupted slightly with rehearsals for various Christmas events. Hopefully the rough draft writing will start tomorrow and we can get going with some fantastic stories.
In mathematics we have been looking at position and direction and exploring quadrants while also reviewing the work throughout the term in some starter activities. We will be recapping the entire year so far next week in maths.
In PE, the children have started to look at tag rugby and netball and Mr Temple has taken these sessions and is doing a tremendous job so far. In geography we have been researching how erosion effects our lives around us.
Thursday was our whole school RE day and we focussed on the baptism ceremony. Our question in year 6 is ‘how is life like a journey?’ To do this we looked at significant life events and explored why people might get baptised in later life. It was very informative.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
Mr Furness

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  1. Naz says:

    You are busy Chris! I have read all your blogs and previously commented also.
    I’ve been ‘lolling’ away all on my own. 🤣
    Any closer to a xmas No1 with your fab song?

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