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Year 6- 15.11.19

The blog…here it is. Every Thursday. Every. Thursday. Without fail.
So, this week. The children have been multiplying fractions by whole numbers and also revisiting some previous areas attempting reasoning questions.
In literacy, we have finished our biography unit. The week saw editing and improving as well as making suggestions to others and their work. The children put it in their hot write books and now we are moving onto another narrative unit. I love a good story.
In music the children performed to the passers-by at our window on Wednesday. It brought a few smiles to people and the children absolutely loved it. We sung ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ by James Taylor. We love it now and plan to release our version and I reckon we might be number one at Xmas this year.
In science we continue to look at refraction and after a wet classroom last week we looked into the science behind light and its relationship when passing through different materials.
All in all, a good week. No CFHL, as sadly there was not any comments. Not even my own mother.
Have a cracking weekend,
Mr Furness

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  1. Sarah says:

    Looking forward to the release of the Y6 Christmas Single – a guaranteed hit surely?!

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