Year 6 Blog

Year 6- 17/01/20

“You’re bleeding, Sir, you’re bleeding!” Came a scream from a child as I emerged from a thorny bush. The blood seemingly came from the thunderous strike to the forehead from a catapulted branch that someone had walked past on the Heritage Walk. It was eventful. School expeditions that end with you dabbing your own blood from your forehead can either be seen as a catastrophe or as a real dedication to the education of your child. You decide!
In literacy this week, we have finished our hot write and created our mystery narrative. Some of the work produced has been very good and a significant improvement from their earlier narrative work. I am really impressed with them and hope this improvement continues.
In math, we have looked at decimals and recapped prior learning. We solved various reasoning problems and intend to move onto percentages work next week and then algebra. The joys.
Geography has begun with us looking at counties of the UK and the states of America with our intention being to narrow the focus on to our local area and compare some of the southern American states that grew and exported cotton to England during the Industrial Revolution to our delightfully warm and tropical savannah that we call the north of England and see how each place played an integral part to the growth of our local area.
The SATs book have been ordered and should be with us within the next week or so.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr Furness