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Year 6 – 17/5/19

The SATs are over. Finished. I couldn’t be prouder of the children who have coped admirably. They have had visits to the park and many an extended playtime as well as breakfast provided by myself.

The SPAG paper seemed OK and two-thirds of the reading paper looked very good (the last text was quite tricky) and I think overall that the maths test was OK. They seemed like they did well and they should be extremely proud of themselves.

I have sent a letter out about the hoodies the children usually get at this time of year and we will now focus on writing and some of the foundation subjects as well as the ever popular end of school production. We are taking on a Wild Wild West play named ‘Ye-Ha’ and in the brief read through of the script looks like it should a hootin’ and a hollerin’ success! The theme will allow me to play my favourite Will Smith at the beginning and end and any interval really.

I will not be setting any homework and any they do get from this point onwards will be about research for any upcoming writing projects we will be doing.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Furness

One thought on “Year 6 – 17/5/19

  1. Kathryn says:

    Thank you for making the SATs as relaxing as possible, it certainly has helped Louis and I’m sure many more children too 👍🏻

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