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Year 6- 18.10.19

Year 6 Blog
Thursday is blog day! It is the final hurdle before that glorious Friday before half-term arrives. I wish you all well…come on in out of the cold, pop the kettle on and settle in for another fantastic weekly read.
This week we have finished our poetry unit and I am incredibly sad about it. I started with 15 people at the beginning of the unit who HATED poetry and only ended up with 2 people who still hated it. That is a fantastic turnaround. Some of the work will be premiered in our good work assembly on Friday.
In maths we have looked at estimating – something I do daily in all aspects of my life – and the children engaged in tasks that needed estimations. Tasks like: estimating a football crowd, sweets in a jar and the years I have left on this wonderful planet.
In history we have looked at Viking burials and their beliefs about the afterlife. The children gave me my very own Viking burial and chose appropriate gifts I may want to take into the afterlife with me. In geography, the children answered some questions they had created and then produced a Powerpoint to showcase their answers.
In art, we have created our very own Banksy inspired art piece and the children got to be hands on with spray paint and are now fully equipped to tag and graffiti the village…there is absolutely no need to thank me for this. The final piece was extremely fun to make and the children loved it – we will hopefully unveil in assembly tomorrow.
The CFHL this week:
 Sarah ‘William Wordsworth’ Egan – a fantastic poem and I now know where Izzy gets her creativity from. Great effort. 3 Dojos.
 Kathryn – Completely agree with you about The Fault in our Stars.
 Rebecca Johnson – a late entry form the week before with a comment I have just seen. Welcome aboard.
This week can you tell me about your favourite artist – mine would be Monet but do not for a second think I am that cultured…it is one of three artists I know.
Have a great weekend,
Mr Furness

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  1. Sarah says:

    3 dojo’s – get in! 😂👌🏻 I have two favourite artists…..Van Gogh – I like his Starry Skies, and a more modern chap called Steven Brown, give him a google if you like colourful animals!

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