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Year 6 – 19/9/19

Good morning, afternoon or whatever time zone you find yourself enjoying what is fast becoming a non-global sensation of a blog. That disappoints me slightly but I take solace in the fact I met the official photographer from Burnley Football Club yesterday and, unlike last year, I didn’t ‘freak out’ and have to stay in my classroom for the majority of the day.

This week has seen us begin a writing unit and as is evident in the amount of effort this blog receives – I do love to write…talk and write. We have explored the features of a narrative and the children have produced a cold write which we should see an improvement on in the next few weeks.

In maths we have been multiplying 4 digits by two digit numbers and multiplying whole numbers by decimals. I am quite enjoying maths this year (this is big for me). We are also going to use the I-pads to day and test some new software we have purchased – this will either kill my early enthusiasm or greatly enhance it, there shall be no middle ground.

In history we looked at primary sources and secondary sources and in science we explored evolutionary thinkers and created fact files on them. The children have developed a sound understanding of The Vikings and the history and geography that surrounds the subject.

The CFHL this week includes only one person: Sarah Egan, though I do know that anotherY6 parent has commented but it has not yet appeared. The question this week is this –what is your favourite narrative? I will go first – I was a big fan of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Have a good weekend,

Mr Furness

8 thoughts on “Year 6 – 19/9/19

  1. Moriarty says:

    The Reichenbach Falls.

  2. Moriarty says:

    Naturally, I would pick “The Final Problem” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  3. Sarah Egan says:

    Favourite narrative…..ooooo as a kid, I was a big fan of Enid Blyton, especially the Mr Galliano’s Circus series and The Naughtiest Girl in the School series. As an adult, JKRowling all the way, Harry Potter hooks me in even now as I am re-reading them with Izzy!

  4. Joanne Griffiths says:

    Oooh I loved all the famous five stories sealed the love for reading deal did Enid Blyton now I read every opportunity just can’t seem to find the books that do the same for Lennon !

  5. Jessica Pickering says:

    The first ‘proper’ books I read were lord of the rings / the hobbit when I was 10/11. Always been a favourite for me, I could read them over and over.

  6. Rehana Wemi says:

    The earliest narratives I can remember being obsessed with were Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven series. This moved onto The Chronicles of Narnia as I got a bit older. Have tried to get Khadijah to try them out but much to my horror she thought they are boring !!

  7. Maria says:

    Well bugger me , I ‘ve been reading it but didn’t realise I had to comment!! You are not alone!! I FIND your posts,amusing funny and informative!! H has been writing a story all week inspired by your influence!! She likes to inform me of structure content and plots usually at bed time!! Thank you x you are an inspiration x H mum my favourite book is.. …..and always will be wind in the willows!

  8. Charlotte Farrelly says:

    I loved the Weird Stone of Brisingamen and remember going to visit Aldery Edge and bring mesmerized

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