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Year 6 – 21/6/19

Welcome to the blog. Welcome to the start of another action packed, joke filled and sometimes insightful blog that continues to trend around the world (world being probably a bit strong, it barely trends around the classroom).

Unfortunately, we start with the bad news that after almost 3 years in the job on Tuesday I had my first sick day (I still did it on the day I have PPA so that counts as a half day really). I was as gutted as you are right now but needs must as I was suffering heavily from what doctor’s called ‘the severest case of man flu on record!’

Never fear though, I am here now and my head is throbbing. Luckily I have a quiet class. This week we have been rehearsing the play (trailer for this drops on Friday) and we have enjoyed a full RE day on Judaism.

Our day consisted of the journey into adulthood and it was great to finally tell the children what the coming years held in store for them…responsibilities, bills, taxes, shopping etc. I loved it – them not so much.

Anyway, after reading the comments I am willing to try and give the CFHL one last try and if we are successful then I will bring it back with a bang (open top bus, streamers, fireworks) in September. The question is this – What is the worst and best thing about growing up. I’ll start – worst is making your own bed and the best thing is eating unlimited amounts of ice-cream until you cry yourself to sleep. Comment with yours below.

Have a good weekend,

Mr Furness

3 thoughts on “Year 6 – 21/6/19

  1. Sarah Egan says:

    Worst – Having to look like you know what you are doing, especially when you are a parent!
    Best – ordering a takeaway for tea!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Worst – having to cook!!
    Best – having sweets whenever I want!

    Hope your cold gets better soon 😊

  3. Y6 parent says:

    We are so pleased that the CFHL has been reinstated. We can’t wait to read the final blogs of the year, although that will be quite sad to finish. At least we have a second child on their way through the school so we can do this all over again. Yee-hah!

    Best – being in control of the TV, bedtime, meal choice and the weekly fix we get from reading the CF blog
    Worst – bills, food shopping, responsibilities and withdrawl symptoms from the CF blog during the holidays (or seemingly 14/6/2019)

    A puzzle to finish, where do cows go on holiday? I look forward to reading answers next week.

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