Year 6 Blog

Year 6- 24.01.20

Hey you! Welcome back…it’s great to see you. Read on for your quick fire way to spiritual nirvana.

Thursday in school we all took part in our Buddhism day and I found it really interesting and useful. The children took part in meditation and explored the ways in which we can live that could make them happier people. It was a great day!

In Maths, the children looked at percentages and have made lots of progress with some declaring that percentages are their all-time favourite thing…(not all of this paragraph is completely accurate). Next week is algebra week and the sad thing about that is I will be up all night on Sunday giddy with excitement to teach it…honestly.

In literacy we have tried our hand at slow writing which to a man and woman I do believe they all enjoyed. It was a good way to reinforce prior learning while sneaking some grammatical terms Next week we are looking at newspaper reports. Read all about it next week.

In geography, we compared Mississippi to Belthorn and found…zero similarities. This is good though and we are going to explore more and correlate the relationship between the two and what impacts they may have had on each other through previous historical connections.

Anyway, enough about us. We hope you are well. Look after each other, be kind and have a lovely weekend.

Mr Furness