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Year 6 – 26/9/19

Year 6! Fitness week! The week it came to light that I am actually, for the first time in my life, realising that I am a touch over-weight maybe (as I type this I am vigorously devouring a custard filled donut and washing it down with a glass of crispy fresh cooking oil…do I have a problem?).

This week in year 6 we have been writing and peer assessing our narrative work, this is good for many reasons: the children get to peer assess and see each other applying literary skills and it helps cut down on my marking. Winners everywhere!

In maths we have begun looking at BODMAS or BIDMAS, whichever you prefer. We have had a little dabble into prime numbers and factors. I have enjoyed it immensely. The week culminated in the children using LBQ on the I-pads and again this cuts down on the marking. Who is it working smartly this week eh!

In history the children created a fact-file on a Viking God of their choosing and in science we researched and wrote a biography of famous scientific evolutionary thinkers…cross-curricular work. Honestly, could I BE any better at my job (a Friends reference for those who used to watch E4).

Only one entrant on the CFHL this week and that is the one woman who does actually have to read the blog – Helen Rowan with her favourite narrative being anything by Enid Blyton. I may have had other comments but the website fella may not have approved them (I am in no way having a go here, that man could block my entire internet usage at school thus rendering my knowledge of the Vikings severely limited).

Have an absolutely fantastic weekend. Seriously, go on, and then tell me about it in the comments section.

Mr Furness

2 thoughts on “Year 6 – 26/9/19

  1. Sarah Egan says:

    We are reading! We are we are! We are here for you Mr F!

  2. Joanne Griffiths says:

    Good to see our comments have been released and you are, in fact, the most popular blogger after all 🤪

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