Year 6 Blog

Year 6- 28.03.20

What a week. Snow way did I think we would be in today. But alas, here we are.
I have been prepping the children for SATs this week. They have sat the 2017 papers and have done OK. We are making steady progress in arithmetic and SPAG and we can solely focus on reasoning and reading. It is getting to the time of the year when the blog becomes tough to write.
In art we created some self-portraits and I must say some were absolutely fantastic and some looked like a wild animal had been handed a pencil and let loose on their page. To be fair they had to stick to a rule of keeping the pencil on the page without removing it. It was definitely an experience.
In geography we compared Google Earth and Google Maps and assessed their functions and usefulness of each (as well as Mr Yousef finding himself on Google Earth…one for the ages is that image).
I hope you all had an amazing half-term. It is good to be back. Have a wonderful weekend.
Mr Furness