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Year 6 – 5/7/19

We be blogging! It is that time of the week folks, it is that time to talk about the week we have had in school and just what we have been (or not been doing) in this amazing little village school we call Belthorn.

Erm, it’s a bit tricky this week as I have only had 7 children in for most of the week due to the high school transition days. I would love to sit here and tell you that having the majority of the class out has been awful, even lonely but, well, I can’t lie. WHAT A WEEK. The peace and quiet has been somewhat of a surprise (a career as a librarian has floated around my mind this week) and I have loved it. Honestly, I can’t thank the local high schools enough.

This does sound like I hate my class. I don’t. I love them but like everyone else after spending 30 plus hours a week with them for a prolonged amount of time then, well, a little break is nice. For example, I am typing this blog this week listening to The Beautiful South with a pina colada in my hand (only half of this statement is true…you can pick which one).

So, I guess it is the CFHL time and you know what, I am pretty chuffed with my loyal three readers. Maybe we should start a pyramid scheme of sorts – you know, if you tell one friend then they tell another…soon we could be in the 1000’s. Sarah, Kathryn and Y6 parent make it happen.

The quiz was a tough one but I am impressed with our winners:

 Sarah Egan (well done – brownie points for you)

 Mrs Rowan (who verbally told me that day)

 Kathryn (you did not win but you tried and that is what counts)

 Y6parent aka Moriaty – (I believe you left a comment but it has yet to be approved which does make me ponder the content of it somewhat. I do need to know the answer to the question soon though!)

This week’s question is this then – you have a one shot time machine to travel to one time period and observe for a little while. I’ll go first – Ancient Egypt and to see just how the pyramids got to be the monuments of beauty that stand to this day.

Have a good weekend,

Mr Furness

2 thoughts on “Year 6 – 5/7/19

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooooo I would go back to when Stonehenge first ‘appeared’/was created because, well, just HOW?

  2. Kathryn says:

    I would go back to 17th September 2005
    When Ella was born (at around 8am, after the actual birth) to watch Ella, Louis and Jenson grow all over again. I’d also get a few weeks with my Grandad that way too.

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