Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog 09.07.21

Well, well, well! If you saw our Vindaloo remake, then you are part of a group of 27000 and counting! 27000! Unbelievable numbers! On top of that, there is the small matter of us making a major tournament final for the first time in my lifetime. If Carlsberg did weeks, eh!

So this week, the children have been recreating ancient Greek theatre – this sounds a lot more sophisticated than it was. The children made a Chorus and recreated war formations that the Hoplites used.

In literacy, we have been recapping the year in preparation for the big quiz tomorrow (stats at 9am until 10pm – please come, we will have a great time). Math has been the same and we have been recapping previous learning and just keeping the children ticking over before their final week.

Tomorrow we welcome parents into the yard for our Year 6 quiz ‘Are You Smarter Than a 10 year-old’. This will see parents pit their wits against their children in a battle of the ages with forfeits and promises of water balloons apparently. Friendly, funny chaos is guaranteed.

Lastly, but more important than anything else, it is my birthday on Sunday. Gifts should be brought either Friday or Monday. Imagine having a birthday the day of the final. The ideal gift would be some time off on Monday morning so if any parents with a teaching qualification want to step in or send an appropriate e-mail to our glorious head teacher, then feel free to plead my case.

All the best.

Mr Furness