Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog 11.06.21

Another week down and another week closer to the end of another year – hopefully next year sees us have the full academic year!

I don’t think that I have blogged since the end of the year 6 mock SATS, so a special mention to all the year 6 pupils who worked extremely hard in the build-up to them. They worked incredibly hard and the results were really good considering the chunk of learning these children have missed in the last two years.

This week, with the majority of year 6 away, I have taken the opportunity to do what I love to do – write. We have completed a short mini writing exercise over the last few days and planned, discussed and explored literary devices that the children need to be using in their writing. I have composed my own story that involves a character called Chris who is strong, confident, handsome and another character called Nathan who depends on Chris to keep him safe and looks up to the incredible human being that Chris is. It is all purely fictional of course!

In the afternoons, we have been active and had some sporting games as well as some quizzes on Kahoot. The children have been great, worked hard and I hope they have had a nice time while the majority of year 6 are away. We welcome those children back today from PGL and I sincerely hope they had a fantastic time. I can’t wait to see them!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mr Furness