Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog 21.05.21

One more week to go! I am not aiming for the end of term when I say this but the children’s mock SATs that they will sit next week.

This week, we have spent covering past areas of learning in maths, SPAG and reading and making sure the children are ready to go for next week! In math we have revisited: fractions, decimals, missing number problems and percentages. In SPAG this week, we have revisited the use of standard English, modal verbs and the use of the subjunctive form!

In history, we created an image that detailed all the inventions from Ancient Greece that are still in use today – as sort of a Where’s Wally type activity. We had mixed results to be fair but hopefully the impact from that era has resonated with the children a little.

So, we move onto next week now and hopefully the children do well in their mock SATs they have certainly worked hard enough!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Furness